My Favorite Resources

**Some of the links are affiliate links, which means I'll receive a small commission, that's used to support the blog. 


Mint - I like Mint because it is a free budgeting tool (available on the computer and on iOS or Android) that helps you manage your money, pay your bills and monitor your credit score in one place.  It is also user friendly and I'm a sucker for a great interface.

Everydollar - EveryDollar was created by Dave Ramsy and it helps you create a zero-based budget that you can easily access on your computer or on the app (iOS and Android).


Mystery Shopping - Mystery Shopper Providers Association, BestMark, Sentry Marketing

User TestingThis site pays you for your thoughts on websites, mobile apps, and prototypes.

Inbox Dollars  - A survey site  that pays you for completing tasks, surveys and watching tv.

Amazon - The queen of Amazon is Sandy of, she has a great course that teaches you how to get started selling on Amazon.


Digit - Digit makes it easy to save by monitoring your spending habits and it moves money from your checking account to your FDOC insured savings account at Digit, if you can afford it.

Qaptial I like anything that makes it easy to save.  This app allows you to save by setting a saving amount based on a goal, i.e.  If I go to the gym, save $5.  It also protects you from overdraft fees by pausing saving if your checking account linked to the app is under $100.

RetailMeNot - is a coupon code site (the app is also available) that provides you with the current deals from 100s of retailers.  I actually use it in conjunction with the Ebates to save even more while shopping.

Ebates - I love this site because you can save money and make money at the same time.  Ebates is a cash back shopping site (and now an app) that provides you the opportunity to receive cash back while shopping at your favorite stores online (and sometimes in store).


Square Space - I really like the flexibility of Square Space, especially since I can not build websites, but I was able to build my site easily on here.

Convertkit -  Convertkit is my email provider and they make it easy to send content upgrades to my email list.

G SuiteFormerly Google Apps for Work, provides cloud and productivity services that are instrumental in running my business. 

Wave AccountingKeeps all of my business finances in check.  It's 100% free and it does invoices, accounting receipts, scanning, etc. and there are no limits or fees.

CREDIT RESOURCES - You're able to get 1 free credit report once a year from each of the 3 credit bureaus.  My advice to you is to get one credit report every 4 months.

My FICOMy FICO proviides you with your FICO credit score from all 3 credit bureaus.  90% of lenders use your FiCO score when making lending decisions.

Credit Sesame Credit Seasame is a free service that provides members with their free TransUnion credit score and all their credit & loan information in one place.  Credit Sasame also offers free identity theft protection up to $50,000.

Bank Rate - Bank Rate is my "Go To" site for interest rate comparison on savings accounts, credit cards, personal loans, & mortgages, but they also provides a free credit report & score (Trans Union) each month.


SoFi -  SoFi partners with members to offer low rates for student loan refinancing, mortgages and personal loans.

NACAA home purchase program that provides housing counseling and access to a mortgage at an affordable rate. is great at pulling financal information together to help you make informed financial decisions.

These are the tools I use to manage my money!