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What is Financialdemics™?

Financialdemics™ is the education of money management and it was created because I wanted to provide women with the tools they need to be in full control of their money.  When your money is right, you feel good and you are able to achieve your life goals.  My mission is to help 100,000 women become great at money management so they can achieve their financial goals.

Our main topics will consist of:

 Expense Management & Spending Plans (Budgeting)

  Debt Management & payoff

Building a savings

Side Hustles

I’m glad you came by to hang out, check out the Blog  and if you have any questions, feel to contact me here.

Meet Alanna

Alanna, Found of Financialdemics

I’m a Certified Financial Educator and a Personal Finance Coach who has paid off $48,000 in debt.

I started Financialdemics because I have made several mistakes with money as a young single mom trying not to become a statistic (while becoming another type of statistic).  If I truly would have understood the consequences of my actions, I would have made different decisions.

Some personal stuff, I have an investment, academic & corporate accounting background.   I’m a wife and mother who LOVES shoes (I have a shoe fund), traveling, dancing and I am trying to fall back in love with working out (pray for our relationship).  I also have a strong desire to assist others through service projects.

Thanks for visiting the site, snoop around a little and let me know what you think. 

Be Great!


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