Coaching Expectations

A Financial (Money) Coach focuses on your education and helps you make financial decisions so that you can build the skills you need to manage your own money. You always remain in control of your money, but you learn how to make better financial decisions and manage your money in a way that works for you.

What you should expect from me

  •   I will be on time for our sessions, will be present with you and free from distraction for our sessions.

  • I will accept you fully, meet you where you are and hold what you tell me in confidence.

  • I will be kind, honest and direct.

  • I will be prepared for each coaching session.

  •   I will support you in considering new perspectives.

  • I will co-create new possibilities with you.

  •   I will coach you with sound financial guidance.


What I expect from you as the client

  • You will be on time for our sessions, be present with the coach and free from distraction for our sessions

  • You will be prepared for each coaching session

  • You will make sure my coach knows everything she needs to know so she can coach me and you will provide feedback on what’s working and what’s not.

  • You give your coach permission to be direct and bold with you.

  • You will take your own notes and be responsible for your own learning and take-aways.

  • You will inform me of scheduling conflicts more than 24 hours in advance of our session.

  • You will complete your pre-work at least 48 hours before your Financial Checkup Session to ensure the time we spend together is effective.

  • You understand that there are no refunds on the Financial Checkup Session.

  • You hereby release, waive, acquit and forever discharge Alanna Anthony, Alanna Anthony Enterprises, LLC, their agents, successors, assigns, personal representatives, executors, heirs, and employees from every claim, suit, action, demand or right to compensation for damages you may claim to have or that you may have arising out actions, omissions, or commission taken by yourself or by Alanna Anthony as a result of advice given by or otherwise resulting from the coaching relationship contemplated hereunder. You further declare and represent that no promise, inducement or agreement not herein expressed has been made to you to enter into this release.  The release made pursuant to this paragraph shall bind your heirs, executors, personal representatives, successors, assigns and agents.