The 7-Day Financial Reset

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In past blog posts, I have told the story of how I was awakened out of my sleep with anxiety due to not knowing where I stood financially.  At that time, I stopped looking at my bank accounts after depleting my saving on a household repair.  It was painful looking at my savings account after knowing it was five figures a year earlier.

Since I had been in the position where I wasn't in control of my money before, I knew how to reduce the frustration and anxiety I felt whenever my I thought about my money situation or swiped my card.

My anxiety was starting cause me to be mentally and physically exhausted and at 4 A.M., I decided to reset.  I needed to do it immediately because I refused to go through another day feeling that way.

I calculated my total monthly expenses, created a new budget, set up a new savings and debt payoff plan.  I also picked up some side hustles because I wanted to build my savings and pay off my new debt as quickly as possible.  By taking action my anxiety completely disappeared because even though I wasn’t where I wanted to be financially, I knew I had a plan and was taking action.

You don’t have to be tired of going through the motion of wondering where your money went or are over being frustrated and worried about managing your money.   

I have something for you that will help you develop a plan for your money, so you can learn to manage your money, build a saving and pay off debt so you can start living the life of your dreams.  

Hit the reset button by taking my FREE 7-Day Financial Reset Email Course.   

The course covers:

  • Creating a budget

  • Building savings

  • Creating a debt repayment plan

  • Side Hustles

  • Understanding the basics of your retirement plan

It’s great for you if:

  • You’re tired of living paycheck

  • You’re scared to look at your bank account.

  • You struggle with overspending

  • Want to build a savings cushion

  • Want to be able to travel

  • Want to get on the path to financial freedom

If you're ready to Reset your finances, click here to enroll in the 7-Day Financial Reset.