Is Mystery Shopping Legit?

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One of the side hustles I had while trying to get out of debt was mystery shopping.  When I tell people that I use to mystery shop, the first statement I always receive is “Oh it’s real” and then it is followed up with a bunch of questions, so I have a few tips based on questions I have received.

  • Yes, mystery shopping is legit but there are people out there who are running scams so if a company is asking you to mail, wire or Western Union money to sign up, go the other way. Also if they ask you to deposit a check to your bank account, DON’T DO IT.

  • It should be FREE to join, but some shops may require you to pay out of pocket for the items and then you will be reimbursed for the items plus paid for the shop. So make sure you provide your payment information, some will pay you by check, PayPal or directly to your bank account (open a separate free checking account for this with $20 in it)

  • Make sure you read & follow the directions to the T and fill out all of the paperwork correctly, because if you don’t you may not get paid for the shop. I have never run into that situation but I have heard of people who have.

Mystery Shopping Companies - I have used or someone I trust has used and are apart of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association.

Ellis Partners - Mystery Shop Apartment Complexes

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