10 Personal Finance Books You Should Read This Year

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10 Personal Finance Books You Should Read This Year

I love reading and one of my favorite topics is of course Personal Finance.  One of the first Personal Finance books I read was Total Money Makeover. That book helped me learn how to create a budget.  If you are looking to increase your personal finance IQ here are a few books you should check out.

The 60-Minute Money Plan:  A Short & Sweet Workbook For People Who Hate Budgeting 

This workbook is definitely short and sweet.  It’s great for a person who’s ready to take action quickly.  Taylor Medine breaks down how to create a budget and provides you with the budget templates.  Before you jump into learning how to create your money plan the book focuses on your mindset, your why and forgiving your past money mistakes, which are all attached to your money goals.  Once you start creating your budget, Taylor also gives you tips on how to cut expenses and increase your income. In one hour you can create an easy to follow plan for your money that will help you reach your money goals.

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4 Financial Languages:  The Secrets to Communicating About Money

I have talked about communicating with your partner about money on the blog before but if you have not had the experience yet, let me tell you, it’s not always easy.  Tarra Jackson has released a book that makes communicating with your partner fun, by helping you understand how to communicate with your partner based on their financial language instead of your own.  This book is an easy read that breaks down facts, quotes, confessions, to-dos and not to dos in an aesthetically pleasing way that makes you want to keep reading. She even talks about my favorite couples activity, money dates.  Even if you don’t currently have a partner this is a great book to identify who you are and to save yourself from some arguments in the future.  

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The Money Manual:  A Practical Money Guide To Help You Succeed On Your Financial Journey

The Money Manual will provide you with the basics of personal finance when you are ready to change your financial situation.  Once you get the book, you should download the companion Money Manual Workbook so you can work through the tasks in the book. At the beginning of the book, Tonya Rapley has you complete a self-assessment that will help you determine where you stand and what goals you want to achieve.  She shows you how to create and achieve your goal using the SITA method. The book also focuses on using money as a tool, navigating your student loans and how to manage budgeting, saving, debt and credit. If you are looking to get on or back on track with your money then this book is for you.

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Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By And Get Your Financial Life Together

Broke Millennial is a book that combines true stories you can relate to with financial lessons.  What I really enjoy about this book is that it can be used as a reference guide for the different financial situations you may encounter in life, such as, choosing the right financial products, not letting your friends control your money, managing your student loans or negotiating your salary.  Erin Lowry even talks about investing and preparing for retirement. She also does a great job of incorporating humor along with actionable advice. This is a book you if you are looking for financial advice from A-Z.

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Right now, I am reading Reach Your Money Goals In 3 Steps. It’s a quick read so look out for my thoughts on it.

If you have already read the books I mentioned, let me know what you think.  Also, what books do you think I should add?

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