Why Financialdemics™

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Welcome to Financialdemics™! 

Financialdemics™ is the education of money management. Where the focus will be on cash flow management, budgeting, savings, credit, and small business expenses. My mission is to help 10,000 people improve the status of their finances.

There are 3 reasons WHY I started Financialdemics™:

  1. Out of the desire to help others get their finances in order after learning the hard way, how bad decisions with money can have an effect on your life long after the excitement is gone (I was "rich" in high school and college, no bills so all my money was free to use). Some of the stories I hear about people's experiences with money really hurts my heart and most of the time the experience is a result of not knowing all of the options available to them that would have kept funds in their pockets or at least reduce their stress.

  2. I also started it for myself (Yes that is what I said). When I was a teenager my mom did her best to teach me the basics about money but my personality requires a "Why". I know, I know, it's not a good thing but I accept who I am. So she taught me how to do taxes, told me to tithe 10% and save some money . She also told me not to buy a brand new car, did you know they lose approximately 11% of their value (according to Edmunds.com) as soon as you drive off the lot and do not get into a lot of debt (only for certain things, like houses, school, a used car with low repair/maintenance costs), but the most important thing she told me was not to spend more than I make. Here's the thing, I didn't understand about spending more than you make. I thought if I had the money to make the payments then I wasn't spending more than I make. Well, that is not the case (or what she meant). My mom only used credit cards as a tool, for example, the refrigerator goes out she will purchase a new one on her Sears cards (my parents will have a Sears card until they discontinue it or they close) at 0% for a 18 months, instead of dipping into the savings). Spending more than you make means buying that pair of shoes you want on credit because you don't have the cash. It also applies when you buy those same shoes using money from your bank account when you know you need that money to pay for your bills or other obligations. I would buy those sale shoes on credit since I could afford the payments (bad idea).

  3. The last reason I started this is for the kid (my son). Even though I am married with bonus kids who I love dearly, the kid was my why since 2000, through all of the financial mess ups my number one goal was to provide him with better life than my parents gave me which are big shoes to fill. The kid has really had a good life, too good. My focus is to teach him every thing I know about personal finance (including the why) so he does not make money mistakes due to "not knowing". I want him to be informed and better than me.

Again, Welcome to Financialdemics™, where I coach you in personal finance so you can control your money and not let your money control you.